my slonksite

hi, i'm Rain, or slonkazoid
i write code and break computers
also see my blog


programmer, linux user, overall nerd

i write web apps, cli tools, bots, and such. you can find some of them over at the projects page.
my favorite languages are rust and bash, but i can write js/ts, c, c#; and to a lesser extent, java (minecraft modding), python, brainfuck, php, and lua.
i'm a quick learner. i like to step out of my comfort zone and try out technology i have little to no experience with. i make learner projects with new stacks and i come out more knowledgable in the end.

my favorite web stack is rust (language) + tokio (runtime) + axum (web framework) + hyper (http server) + askama (templating engine) + sqlx (database driver) + postgresql (database) + lighttpd (proxy/web server) + linux (os) + aarch64 (architecture). and musl if you care about libc.
also experienced with php (7, plain), express.js, mysql & mariadb, sqlite3, nocodb, electron, ejs, and i'm always willing to learn.

i also play video games. my all-time favorites are, in no specific order after the second, team fortress 2, celeste, deep rock galactic, ultrakill, minecraft, half-life, and counter-strike.

i am fluent in english and turkish (native). i am (not actively) learning german. i was also learning russian at some point.

my cat's name is karamel.

contact info
email slonkazoid [AT] slonk dot ing
ssh key
download ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIHVWgaeL8f7Rwh4WzvqJ5DWG9c7wwjpHG5tsOzF7yVVe slonkazoid
if key this changes, i will make sure to sign the new key with this one and put it on the identity page
pgp key see identity.html
steam /id/slonkazoid
gitlab slonkazoid
forgejo slonk


did you know? this website has a total of 0 bytes of javascript
in my opinion, simple websites like this shouldn't require a powerful system to render. i want my site to be accessible on an old smartphone, on your 14 year old computer, curl | bat -l html, a new high-end computer, and the sbc you found on the sidewalk.

ssi webring

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