my slonksite

hello, i'm slonkazoid
i touch computers


programmer, linux user, overall nerd.

i write web apps, cli tools, and such. you can find some of them in the projects section.
my favorite languages are rust and bash, but i can code in rust, javascript, c, bash, c#; and to a lesser extent, java (minecraft modding), python, brainfuck, php, and lua.

typing is something i'm relatively good at. i got 121 wpm on monkeytype before typing this sentence. i learnt it by spending several hundred hours without a mic playing TTT in gmod when i was younger, and programming since i was a kid.

i play video games. my all-time favorites are, in no specific order after the second, team fortress 2, celeste, deep rock galactic, ultrakill, minecraft, half-life, and counter-strike.

i speak english and turkish. i am (not very actively) learning german. i was also learning russian at some point.

i have a cat, his name is karamel.

contact info
email slonkazoid [AT] slonk dot ing
OpenPGP key
download... 30DDF657DC25EF06FDDCD9B229DFCF2217C06A0A @
steam /id/slonkazoid
fedi @[email protected]
gitlab slonkazoid



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